Reasons to Replace Your Windows

#1 : Give Your Home a Facelift

Your home is your most important asset and your largest investment. Window and doors are one of the top choices when considering exterior renovations for your home.

#2 : Lower Energy Bills

Heating and cooling costs are two of the main expenses of keeping your home comfortable. Replacing old and/or drafty windows with new, high efficiency windows can have a big impact on your energy bills. Choosing our windows can save you an average of 8% on your energy bills as compared to a standard window.

#3 : Lower Maintenance

Modern PVC windows are made with stable, durable materials which can last for decades. These types of windows are essentially zero-maintenance, apart from the occasional cleaning or the lubrication of operator hardware.

#4 : Increased Safety

If your windows are damaged or are faulty and get stuck in either the open or closed position, it’s definitely time for replacement windows.

#5 : Reduce Noise

Newer windows are more efficient when it comes to noise protection because the technology used is newer and the sealing in, and around the window is better. As well Exterior noise is transferred through windows that don’t close properly.

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